Oil Change Nashua, NH

Why get an oil change?  

Regularly scheduled oil changes are vital to keeping your car running at its best. All cars need oil to function, but when that oil is used it picks up dust, dirt, and debris from the road and other car parts, it begins to put them into the engine. New cars are no exception. 


If your engine ever runs out of oil or becomes plugged up, your car will cease to run, and fixing it can be full of costly repairs and parts. The more debris and dirt you have in your engine oil, the worse it will run.

A regular oil change will keep your engine running happily along for many years to come, and regular maintenance, like an oil change, will definitely keep your engine running for longer. Allen Mello Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram offers oil changing services in Nashua, NH.

What are some other benefits of regular oil changes?

Besides keeping your engine a bit cleaner, there are lots of other reasons why you should regularly check and change the oil in your vehicle.

Two of the best perks are to keep an eye on your oil quality and oil level. Oil quality is somewhat difficult to deduce, and should really be handled by a professional. But if you ever see any change in oil color (besides regular oil colors of clear-yellow to a rich brown when it's been run through your engine), you may have a problem on your hands. Schedule an oil change in Nashua today.

Colors like green, for example, could mean a serious problem with your engine and should be taken care of immediately.

Another good reason, and something you should check between changes, is your oil level. A rapid change in level from week to week could mean a leak. If your oil gets too low or even empty, your engine could completely seize up and you'll spend much more money fixing that than you would a leaky hose. 

When should I get an oil change?

As far as a general rule for oil changes, you should go by the type of oil you use. Synthetic oil can go between 6,000 and 7,500 miles, while conventional oil is usually recommended to be changed between 3,000 and 5,000. Not all oils work for all cars, so if you're unsure as to what type of oil your car uses, consult a professional.

Why is there such a variation in the mileage? Most of it has to do with how much you drive and under what conditions. Under optimal conditions, you can go quite a bit further than the recommended 3,000 miles between oil changes that many automotive shops try to impose.

If you do a lot of heavy driving over rough terrain or have an older car, you'll want to change it even more often, no matter what type of oil you use.

How should I change my oil?

While it's okay to do it at home, there are certain things that a certified mechanic will know to look for and how to check while they have your car in on the lift. There are parts you may not think of removing and replacing if you're not familiar with your oil system, and missing just one little screw can mean the difference between your car running and your car not running.

Don't take chances with the vehicle that has to last you a while - bring it in to see Allen Mello for an oil change in Nashua, NH. It's easy to schedule your next oil service and can even be conveniently done online.  So take your car to the professionals and take the guessing out of your next oil change!


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